What’s Going On In the Month of January 2013

Posted: December 2, 2012 by maingsaerincharge in Uncategorized

GSA Schedule and Agenda




*due: Monday before the first monthly meeting


What we are doing During meeting:

Things that need to get done for next week:




  • Due: Reports on other GSA’s, and if they would be interested in coming to a social

  • Assign roles for library display, get to work

social not official yet unless enough responses

Delegated person look at location for where we can have the social, what time

People needing to get supplies, like for an art representation for display, get them

Have Ms.G contact main office to have them put guest speakers in announcements one last time




Due: Supplies

  • Finish library display downstairs in library

  • Discuss movie night ideas, what we could watch

  • Pres: Come up with proper invite for schools now having the date and time

  • Have Nicole talk to Kristina about another movie night next Friday

  • Actually, what would work best for the other schools regarding date and time




  • “ World’s Worst Place to Be Gay?” Excerpt from documentary and discussion, comparison to MA

  • Talk to other schools about what they could bring, what activities we could do, food arrangements and how we’ll set that up

  • Research teddy bear prices for V Day Fundraiser, spread out everyone



  • Advertisements for teddy bears

  • Selling schedule for the following week(s)

  • Put out advertisements

  • Pres: Proposal about fundraiser to Ms.Pastor

  • (1/23)

  • Buy bears at best location



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