My New Years Resolution by Tre L.Melvin

Posted: January 1, 2014 by maingsaerincharge in Uncategorized

My New Years Resolution by Tre L.Melvin

This 21 year old man is named Tre L. Melvin. As well as being hilarious, he started a scholarship for young people in need. In this video, he is honest with the world, and shares who he is. Thanks to Cameron for sharing this with me 

Hope y’all enjoy, happy new year 🙂

-Kare ❤

  1. gingerrrrrrr says:

    I just watched it and its soooo inspiring(:

  2. It’s just beautiful to see… Does anyone else think he’s attractive? 😉

  3. toshpointfro says:

    I think that this video has a different and powerful tone rather than the rest of his videos. The music makes each word sound more epic and I guess that’s why he’s able to tap into Watermelondrea so accurately. I’m excited about the scholarship and plan on running in it to get some money for college. He’s a man taking small steps to change the world.

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