Asexuality: An Introduction by Swank Ivy

Posted: January 3, 2014 by maingsaerincharge in Uncategorized

Asexuality: An Introduction by Swank Ivy

Hey y’all, 

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful snow day. Whether you are catching up on procrastinated work or updating your instagram, I would love for y’all to take time out of your day to watch this video, whenever you have time. As a GSA, I feel we can become more aware of different people in our community, and become more educated on things, people or ideas we never really stopped to think about before. The LGBTQIAA community continues to transcend and become more inclusive, it will only continue if we stay open minded, discover, and ask questions. That’s how we become good allies. This is a video by a woman named Swank Ivy, she introduces us to a part of the community that isn’t really talked about or is sometimes discriminated against or misunderstood. I believe this video is a step forward in become better allies and embracing not just Gay and Straight allies but the Gender and Sexuality spectrum. She has more videos if you are confused on asexuality and check out the resource page. 

Make it work, 

Kare ❤

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