Several Orders of Business- Week of February 3, 2014 (that’s Monday)

Posted: February 1, 2014 by maingsaerincharge in Uncategorized

Happy Saturday GSA,

This upcoming week, exciting things are afoot. Such as the start of a new term and a new month. A time to start fresh! A couple of reminders:

The GSA conference- Come join us and rep for BLA at the Boston regional GSA conference. It counts as an excused absence and there are really cool people. The next meeting is this Tuesday, February 4th, from 9am to 1pm. If you haven’t already, register by clicking on this link

And if you need a permission slip, email VP Arnold at, get it signed BEFORE Tuesday

Next, the Gay and Lesbian and Advocates and Defenders aka GLAD are coming in Thursday, February 6, to talk to us about anti bullying and defending our rights! You do not have to be Gay or Lesbian to attend, EVERYONE is welcome! For more info on GLAD, go to the resources page on this website

Last, but most certainly not least, the GSA Ally Walls. Y’all, these walls have been torn to shreds, we have to fix them up. Let me remind you all, the walls are to inspire people, to support people, and encourage others to be themselves. If you have an inspiring quote, pleaase grace us with your love and stick it on one of the Ally Walls. If you aren’t sure if its appropriate or you don’t have time to stick it up, leave it in room 312 with Ms.Good aka Profe, the GSA adviser

-Kare ❤

Ps. GSA takes place every Thursday in room 312 right after school, bring your peeps!


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