Several Orders Of Business: April 19, 2014

Posted: April 20, 2014 by maingsaerincharge in Uncategorized

Howdy GSA!

Long time no see, get ready for some big news, we have a lot of ground to cover!

1) National Youth HIV/AIDS Youth Awareness Day– 

On Thursday, April 24, from 3-6 pm, at the Boston Common, the Youth Community Advisory Board (YCAB) along with Connect to Protect (C2P) Boston will host a special event in honor of NYHAAD using live performances, testimonies and motivational speakers to educate, inspire, and empower Boston youth to do what is within their power to help stem the spread of HIV/AIDS in their communities.  As part of this event, an anti-stigma photography campaign entitled Ignorance Kills will be unveiled as a strategy to empower and mobilize young people to get tested and fight the stigmas associated with HIV and AIDS. With a theme of “re-engaging the conversation around youth engagement and HIV/AIDS,” this day will bring together the Boston community, legislators, health professionals and activists to fully invest in young people – in their health, their education and their leadership – in order to reach an AIDS-free generation.

2) Day Of Silence– The new day for BLA’s day of silence is May 6th, 2014. The Day Of Silence is a day to protest the bullying and harassment of LGBTQ (and otherwise identified) students and their supporters. Students take a day long vow of silence to symbolically represent the silencing of these students and their supporters. So, we’ll be selling Day of Silence stickers as soon as we get back to school! Put your business caps on! Remember to email Arnold ( ) your lunch schedule so everyone knows when and who they’re selling with!

3) Youth Pride and Bagly Prom – This is happening on May 17th, 2014! The theme this year is, Keep Calm and Queer On! We will be walking in the parade with book club (yay book club). The actual parade starts at 11am but we will meet up at 10;45am in front of a to be determined location! Wear your best Black and Gold regalia! After the parade, there is an LGBTQ (and otherwise identified) friendly celebration from 7pm to 10pm: BAGLY PROM- Food, friends, and music!!!

Hope y’all have a relaxing break, see you soon, 

Kare ❤




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