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The BLA-GSA was started by a group of students in 2006. Originally, this small group met after school in Ms. Moore’s room, shared stories and supported one another. The following year, the GSA became an “official” student activity, advised by Ms. Gentile, with about 10 members registered during Applied Academics. In 2008, the organization began to grow with over 45 members! This was the first year the GSA began to fundraise, create the Ally Wall and held the very first school wide Day of Silence. Growing  each years and gathering more support, the GSA is one of the most active clubs and student organizations in the school. Currently, the GSA meets after school, plans events, advocates, bring awareness, and provides a safe ad fun environment for ALL students.



This website is for members of Boston Latin Academy’s Gay Straight Alliance and their Allies!

All members and allies should check it regularly for schedules and events in school and our in the community as well. If you have comments, please post them on the  “Discussion Board.” Please remember to be respectful, follow school rules, guidelines and mission statement of the BLA-GSA. Any student who abuses these privileges, harasses, or bullies will be subject to the consequences outlined in the BPS handbook.


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