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  1. msgentile says:

    This was from one of my students:

    I don’t know how else to reach the BLA public on the topic of LGBTQ, so I thought it best to send my message here:

    Today (10/20; “Purple Day”), I noticed a lot of people wearing purple attire in remembrance and respect of the tragic suicides that were the result of bullying of LGBTQ individuals. This was both incredible and beautiful to see, as, in my opinion, unity in the world is dwindling. These small acts of purposeful conformity and unity all push towards a more hopeful and more unified world; and although absolute peace may be impossible with the human flaws we all possess, this push is an inch down a road which will undeniably provide ‘real’ happiness to those who were a part of it. There will come a time, many years from now, where each of us will have to say goodbye to everything we’ve ever known here; inevitably, one will look back and ask themselves, “Have I lived a life worth living?” To be a part of such a movement as LGBTQ, to be a part of such change in the world; at the end of everything, I believe it is actions such as this, which you put your entire heart into to see through, that will give you an ultimate high of happiness, knowing that you made a difference here at some point. You will look back to when you stood by a friend; to when you stood by a crowd; to when you stood by an entire nation, and screamed as loud as you could, demanding freedom and acceptance, whether it be for yourself or those you loved; and you will know you did something beautiful in the world.

    However, ladies and gentlemen, do not feel guilt into showing sympathy or empathy which you may or may not have. It’s our biological given right to enjoy life as we see fit; no one can be forced to do anything. One may show nothing but apathy towards this entire rant; you may laugh, and that’s your choice. However, you too will reach that summit of your time on earth, and what will you see when you reflect? A soul who stood by and looked on, while others fought for what they believed. They, too, had a right to happiness which was being taken away from them. Our brothers and sisters; our fellow human beings have died at the hands of those who were not accepting of them.

    So I simply urge you — even beg you — for the sake of the world *I* live in; for the sake of the world *YOU* live in. Take up a cause, because the world needs your help. From the bigoted oppression LGBTQ faces; to the hideous and abominable genocides in Darfur, the African nations, and beyond; to the global hunger and poverty taking away the lives of those who have yet to live; please, at the very least, become aware of the tragedy in the world. To even simply be aware of and to think of is to honor and respect those whose lives have been shattered by it. This is all I can ask of you — what you choose to do with that knowledge is up to you.

    I am James DeMass — I am a supporter of LGBTQ, and I am a supporter of humanity.

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